About Us


A wood trading company specializes   in the production and trade of hardwood round logs, timber and other wood products. We go to great lengths to fulfill our client’s expectations, and we strive to consistently deliver results.

Was created in 2013, and our team has over 7 years of experience producing and trading round logs, timber, and a diversified range of wood products. Our main market is Chinese market but we are also have clients in Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

Our head office is located in Hong Kong in the center of Asia’s business heart.

We consider our know-how our greatest asset, because knowing the particularities of the chain of supply of wooden products means we can meet our client’s standards both in terms of time and quality.

In recent years we have steadily extended our operations in order to source reliable supply and a wider variety of wood species, and we now have loading sites at the city of Beira,

Sustainability is big for us, and we put a lot of effort on the reforestation. As an independent organization, with our own founds, we create and manage in the center of Mozambique our own tree nursery for reforestation of the commercial species.

Together with our clients, we add value to 100% responsibly sourced wood, contributing to the sustainable management of forests.70,000 square meters in Mozambique, Africa, as a source of mahogany furniture and mahogany crafts factories in UAE. Continuously provide the first-class quality raw materials it needs. Because of its price advantage in raw materials and its selected cooperative factories, both have the first-class production technology in the country, and WTS has always implemented the business philosophy of honesty (Maiquan brand products never cut corners), so we produce Maiquan products. It is deeply loved and sought after by consumers. In the future, WTS will continue to develop new redwood fields and create new brands. We hope that the majority of new and old customers will wait and see. WTS solemnly promises to continue to bring you a lot of surprises and benefits in the future!

From The Company

We are delighted to inform you that are operating our Lumber Processing business operations in the Republic of Mozambique. Our company owns the rights to harvest and process timber on 80000 hectares area of forest lands. The studies show that our forests have over sixty species of trees mainly of the termite and boring resistance species as well as, general construction wood species. Attached is a list of species that we have in our forest, our industrial saw milling units that increased our capacity of processing to more than 2500 cubic meters per month. We also would like to bring to your attention that we are a primary harvester and producer, and our main stock is in our forest that is estimated of 1.5 million cubic meters of hard wood lumber.

Why WTS Hardwoods?

We offer a very long lasting hardwoods that is naturally beautiful with amazing & unique patterns and textures from Mozambican soil. Each specie has its own unique patterns and features which will make your piece of furniture, flooring or house truly one of a kind.


We have a sustainably managed forests, meaning our forest concession should still be there for the grandchildren and great grand-kids of our communities and be able to soak up carbon emissions and keep our air clean for generations to come, as well as a being haven for wildlife


we have a newly equipped sawmill, carpentry and drying kilns to guarantee high quality standards for all our products. We provide regular trainings and capacity building for our teams to ensure we deliver the best quality products at competitive prices.


we have a strong commitment towards our neighboring communities: more than 95% of employees are locally recruited. We ensure that free housing, health, education and entertainment is offered to every single worker and their relatives.