Redwood market this year plain ending

This year the market really “cool mahogany”

Redwood products both practical value and collection value, especially the mahogany furniture, consumer demand and the real estate market demand is closely linked, is more related to the overall economic situation. Reporter discovered in the interview that, many businesses will come under pressure this year, mahogany mahogany market situation is attributed to the overall economic situation.

China mahogany Committee Secretary General Chang Che analysis: “Redwood products market and timber import market boom index influence each other. Affected by the domestic manufacturing industry in the overall environment of the downturn, mahogany materials market trading relatively flat. The market price to higher mass products. At present, the domestic mahogany raw material market transactions mainstream varieties such as cold, Ptero carpus macro carpus, hedgehog rosewood inventory pressure great.”

The market situation of Redwood products can not be optimistic about the. Jinfei mahogany furniture President Wu Xinjian said, from the enterprise operation situation, after July, obviously feel the market freeze. He said: “before July of this year, we have completed the task throughout the year 70%, but after July sales decline obviously. This year 7-9 month three months of operating performance with the January one month performance is. I know some businesses, have begun to sustain losses in business, only to return the funds for clearance, really make people heartache.”

In the face of this year the market situation, there are industry estimates ,in May next year, the market will appear warmer. Beijing yuanhengli hardwood furniture limited company chairman Yang Bo said: “the economy is always in change of ups and downs, it can be said that this year’s’ freeze ‘industry have prepared. I will expect the rise next spring after the whole view, the end of the year for businesses and consumers are the opportunity, whether to buy or to buy furniture wood, are worthy of the hand.”