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Recently, China mahogany Commission issued “2014 summary” Redwood market situation in the first half of 2014 shows, June, Africa area mahogany imports for the first time over the Southeast Asia, has become China’s largest producer of mahogany. Africa area of mahogany, instead of the traditional southeast Redwood, Redwood market has been the main force is become represent the general trend. To Africa padauk (Pterocarpus erinaceus) as the representative of the Africa mahogany, rosewood or will gradually become the new darling of the market, usher in a new round of price surges, has factories in Africa Togo Anxin flooring with direct supply of resources advantage in favor of the domestic.

Anxin flooring

Rational consumption Africa mahogany, rosewood quietly rising

In Chinese annatto consumer cognition, rosewood is often limited to the southwest, Southeast Asia and other regions Chinese growth of high-quality wood, which, in Hainan, Vietnam pear pear as the representatives, held the mainstream high-end mahogany consumption; in the consumer pursued, temporarily even valuable than gold “market value”. By contrast, other regions of the redwood, rather neglected; even with “cabbage price” sales are few. Affected by the policies of Southeast Asian countries, limit the export of logs of 4-6 month, down China’s import from “Nanyang” area mahogany occurred 20-30%. The international political situation changes, but also to the mahogany international trade brought uncertainty, from the customs data, in May, China imported from Vietnam mahogany fell 26.57%, resulting in the same period of China’s imports from the “Nanyang mahogany” area 20.88% overall decline. The area of the redwood is the price of a further rise in.

Anxin flooring

However, with the gradual popularization of knowledge of consumer awareness of rosewood, mahogany gradually become rational, in America, Africa such as mahogany, is gradually accepted by consumers. According to the “Redwood market situation in the first half of 2014 concluded” disclosure, mahogany imports in southeast area of 777300000 cubic meters, and Benin, Togo (Anxin flooring factory site) amount of Redwood logs imports such as delta is 799860000 cubic meters, Africa area mahogany beyond the southeast, gradually become mainstream products Redwood consumption.

Africa pear or change the pattern of Chinese Redwood Market

In recent years, mahogany resources imports Africa area has been in a growth trend, especially in the Africa padauk (Pterocarpus erinaceus) most mahogany consumers accept. According to the display market investigation by the reporter, at present the Redwood market in the African pear (Pterocarpus erinaceus) products include furniture, flooring, a variety of play objects, and some products even have collection enthusiasts. Beijing a mahogany collectors said in an interview: “African pear currently in Redwood circle is latent, as far as I know, Beijing is now the home of African rosewood rosewood play, not next 100. We often say, miss Hainan pear, must not miss the African pear. Now is the best time of African rosewood.”

The largest African padauk (Pterocarpus erinaceus) solid wood flooring brand Anxin flooring, with “rosewood floor” as a breakthrough, to open the domestic high-end market floor door, is China’s high-end consumers.

Anxin flooring

For the African padauk (Pterocarpus erinaceus) good performance in consumer market and collection Redwood market, mahogany appoint Mr. Zhang told reporters: “African pear, essentially peace in Vietnam, Burma pear not respectively, belong to 5 genera in China annatto standard 8 class one, just because of the history reason has not been able to be China’s consumers understanding. With the consumer market gradually rational African mahogany, rosewood will inevitably become the darling of the market, and may even change our Redwood market situation in the future.”

Anxin flooring chairman Lu Weiguang think: “African rosewood mahogany consumers will be widely attention has no doubt as to whether will become the second Hainan pear, is not to say. On the one hand, it depends on the mahogany popularity in the market actually to what extent, on the one hand, depends on the manufacturers of mining, process on the improvement of African rosewood. Anxin flooring will African Huali wood species introduced the domestic also already five or six years, although we have accumulated some experience, but I think there is a need to further understanding of this wood, in-depth excavation of wood properties, process improvement, provide a more ideal products for the consumer.”

2015 or into African mahogany in domestic watershed

According to the prediction of the “fish beads – China Wood index system”, after a deep mahogany market adjustment in 2014, the golden nine silvers ten or mahogany market or a reverse downturn trend, the emergence of a peak.

That fish beads – China Wood index system, mahogany classification index rebound is expected to strongly, hedgehog rosewood or market were the main force. From the August market transactions, mahogany raw material market has been improved, in the next to the “golden nine silver ten” on the occasion, the hedgehog rosewood consumer demand will bring the opportunity to rebound to start